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Garage Activity Organizers

Garage storage is an important necessity for creating an organized garage. How do you find a place for items that are all shapes and sizes? We carry a garage organization tool for almost every sport. Whether it's tennis, golf or skiing, use our garage activity organizers to ensure your extra storage space is used efficiently, providing ample space to walk and park your car. Whether you love tools, biking or fishing, these organization tools will help de-clutter your space in no time!

Garage Activity Organizers transform limited space in your home or garage into the perfect storage solution for anything from tools, sports equipment, toys and skis. Activity organizers can be mounted directly to the wall or hang on slatwall. We recommend PVC Garage Slatwall.

Made from the strongest steel available and easy to install, this organization system is completely adjustable and re-adjustable giving you unlimited storage options for ultimate versatility and freedom. When you’re ready to get out the bikes and store away the sleds, Activity Organizers can help you do it quickly and easily.

Choose from various installation options depending on your needs. Adding organizers directly to a solid or hollow wall is a practical way to make the most of a small area, while the heavy duty grid option is ideal for larger areas, heavier items and allows for easy adjustment. There are more than 20 Garage Activity Organizers to choose from and matching adjustable ventilated shelves, giving you unlimited options for custom storage use.