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Slatwall panels are made out of a medium density fiberboard and are either 48" tall x 96" wide x 3/4" thick or 96" tall x 48" wide x 3/4" thick with 3" on center grooves. Slatwall is a panel with grooves, installed on walls or used in displays. Slatwall is standard in retail product displays and can be used at home in the garage, the pantry, laundry room, etc. There are hundreds of slatwall accessories, including hooks, baskets, shelves, acrylics and more, that fit in the grooves to display almost any type of product. Slatwall weighs 80 pounds with no inserts and with inserts weighs 100 pounds. To unload slatwall it will take at least 2 people. Typically, the truck driver will not unload shipment. Slatwall without inserts will support approximately 20 pounds from one point. For heavier loads we recommend metal inserts. Metal inserts can not be added to regular slatwall. Slatwall is a special order item and cannot be returned or cancelled once in production. Additional information can be found in our Returns and Cancellations Policy listed on our Information Page. *Contact us for Quantity discounts for 50 or more panels.

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