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Slatwall Information

Slatwall panels are made out of a medium density fiberboard. The slatwall panels are either 48" tall x 96" wide x 3/4" thick or 96" tall x 48" wide x 3/4" thick with 3" on center grooves. Slatwall with no inserts weighs 80 pounds and slatwall with inserts weighs 100 pounds. Slatwall is a panel with grooves, installed on walls or used in displays.  Slatwall is standard in retail product displays and can be used at home in the garage, the pantry, laundry room, etc. There are hundreds of slatwall accessories, including slatwall hooks, slatwall baskets, slatwall shelves, slatwall acrylics, slatwall slatbox and more, that fit in the grooves to display almost any type of product. Slatwall finishes include paintgrade slatwall, white slatwall, light gray melamine slatwall, dove grey slatwall, almond melamine slatwall, maple melamine slatwall, soumi birch melamine slatwall, applewood melamine slatwall, oak melamine slatwall, pearwood melamine slatwall, brushed aluminum melamine slatwall, black melamine slatwall, mahogany melamine slatwall, oak veneer slatwall, maple veneer slatwall and pvc slatwall.

Slatwall Installation Instructions

Mount to stud walls using drywall screws thru the grooves. Drive a screw into every stud horizontally and into every third stud vertically (masonry walls should be furred out or studded to make a solid base for the slatwall panels.) Mount bottom slatwall panel first if (2) 48" high slatwall panels are to be stacked.

With a hand power saw, use fine plywood blade and cut from back to avoid chipping laminate surface.