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Slatwall Hangrail Bracket

Slatwall Accessories

Fixture Depot is pleased to offer a wide range of slatwall accessories to customize every detail of your display.These slatwall accessories are beneficial for the maximum visibility and storage for your retail items.

Slatwall Hooks: Hooks are great items for retailers to display and store merchandise.

Slatwall Faceouts: Use Faceouts to display the front of your clothing items and other products.

Slatwall Baskets: These all purpose baskets give you the unique ability to display all your packaged or loose                                                      goods for retail display.

Slatwall Shelves: Simple and effective display for everything from clothing to china.
                                               Choose from glass, wire, even acrylic for your sales displays.

Slatwall Garage Accessories:
The Ultimate Garage system comes home to your garage. These slatwall                                                                                    accessories work for the garden, hobby or athletic enthusiast.

Slatwall Slatbox Bins: This is a superior and colorful organization system for retail, hobby,                                                                                                      home or garden storage.

Slatwall Acrylics: Clear risers, shelves and bins are great for keeping your products front and center for                                                                       your  customers.

Miscellaneous Slatwall Accessories:
Use your slatwall to its fullest potential for display and storage.
                                                                                                  Make your slatwall work for you.